Monday, May 5, 2008

The anti-Atkins diet

I know I have a post about challah already, but this is different. This is challah from Great Harvest Bread Company, so it's a whole different phenomenon. I once ate half a loaf of it just on the way home. It smells great in there, and they will give you big, hearty, samples that you can slather with delicious soft butter. I got a loaf of challah (beware - they only make it on Friday) and a loaf of "extreme cinnamon" which was a whole-wheat-y, fabulously soft, filled-with-cinnamon-and-sugar, carbohydrate dream. We demolished these loaves over two days (plus the sugar cookie pictured at bottom, purchased for Cal as a reward for going into yet another store), along with a stick of butter.


Anonymous said...

Laura, you are awesome! Love your blog. Thanks for posting us on your blog. This is Becky from Great Harvest. Did I say how much I love your Blog? It speaks straight to my food heart and food soul!
And to think we first noticed you for your are a food lovers genius!

laura said...

Thanks so much!!