Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good bye summer bounty -an homage to the farmers market

Here are some pics from the farmers market this summer. Isn't summer produce pretty? Makes me wish I lived somewhere with a longer growing season...naw, cause then we wouldn't have fall and all the things that go along with it, like cider and donuts and apple orchards. Anyway, check out the plate of stuff near the top of the plate --that's a plate of deliciousness from Pilar's Tamales. Sooo good.
BTW if anyone happens to read this, and has a good recipe, for anything, PLEASE send it to me. I loves collecting recipes.

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Diana Dyer said...

Hi Laura,
I love your blog - today is my first time to drop in! Your photos are beautiful and all the recipes look delicious. Your girls are going to have great fun cooking with their mom.

My blog has recipes, so does my web site. Feel free to adapt them with your creativity!

I look forward to reading more about your cooking fun!